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Gabita's Glasses
Alfalfa Becomes a Vampire
Homage to Star Wars
Wanky Boy's Vacation
Wanky Boy and the Salad Green Dog
Swami on Vacation
Mr. Tomas
Bill & the Zipper
Postman Still
Hover Puppy
BoyBoy & the Minotaur

Rudy Tute Turns 40
Bums and Freeloaders

Hobo Stories
Hobo Stories Cover

More Cement


Triumph of Lourdes

Wadda Boddel

Postman Only Rings Once

Watch Out For the Shellfish

Anijam Log
Animal Murder Mystery
Cel Gallery
Animated Gifs
Cartoons & Other Stuff

Cartoon Gallery #2

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Elandee Cartoon Animation Studio

May 10, 1999