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Flash Intro
We've decided that Flash is the
coooooolest program in the known

NEWS FLASH 2/25/01
On the front burner:  Something
new from Elandee that'll 
outshine anything we've done before!
Watch for it on the homepage,
which will be completely redone
for its debut in the near future!

Batchwally found alive
in the Phillipines!

Watch for the hilarious follow-up
to our drag-and-drop Santa
fashion show! 

Elandee Cartoon Animation
has animated gifs on the care2.com site!
If you are concerned about the environment,
go to care-mail and send a friend an
electronic greeting card. It's free, and
while you're there, support the site by
visiting one of their sponsors!

miniwmem.gif (5646 bytes)


Elandee takes a dip into the Java.
New java cartoons on the site
and more on the way.  Java page
is now up.  What's was stopping
us?  I had ta go get sumthin'
ta eat!  I was starving!

In the meantime, check out the new gifs:

Trucker 2000
Y2K: 1900 All Over Again!
Homage to Loudon Wainright III

Gobble Patrol
Baby's Food (Mine Mine Mine!)
Feliz Mes de Hispanidad!
Will Ya Still Feed Me?
(Homage To Paul McCartney)

If I Been Out 'Til Quarter Ta 3?
(Homage To Paul McCartney)

Let's Do the Twist!

Aces and Eights?
Root Root Root For the Home Team!

Waiting For My Growth Spurt!
(The Ballad of the 8th Grader)

Help Me! It's Halloween!!
Trick or Treat Forever!
Tip of the Head
Bedtime Story #1

747 Green Ice


Wanky Boy and the Salad Green Dog
Swami on Vacation
Mr. Tomas
Bill & the Zipper
Postman Still
Hover Puppy
BoyBoy & the Minotaur

The Brawl


Some serious stuff!

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have more cartoon ideas than we have time!
Elandee was on a cartoon frenzy! Now
we just wanna sleep late on Saturdays!

new Feature!!
Animal Murder Mysteries

Mayhem in Fur and Webbed Feet!

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