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Foggy Palms


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David Gregory Taylor was 18 when his art was first published, in the science-fiction magazine REALM. During the 1970s, he did concert posters and illustration, worked as a political cartoonist on a small newspaper, and helped found Everyman Studios, which included Rick Berry of William Gibson's NEUROMANCER fame. In the middle of that decade, he fell in love with the art of Diego Velasquez, and devoted himself to painting and printmaking, in which he holds a double undergraduate degree. In the 1980s, he decided to get his Master's Degree and went to Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY, where he studied with Kent Floeter, Ross Neher, and Phoebe Helman. He was a founding member of the Ridge Street Gallery on the East Side, and then moved to Miami, Florida to teach at New World School of the Arts in 1992, five days before Hurricane Andrew struck The Magic City. Attracted by the Information Revolution, Greg taught interactive and digital media for the next dozen years, blending historical research and interactive media that has garnered him international recognition in the field of education, while also teaching drawing and art history at Miami-Dade College. His multimedia projects are used in graduate art programs as examples of creative teaching approaches in art, and his WALKING ANIMATION CHALLENGE is featured in Craig Roland's ART TEACHER'S GUIDE TO THE INTERNET, published by Davis Publications later this year. He was one of the original pilot teachers for Apple Computers' Digital Campus Curriculum and was lauded at the 2002 American Historic Association Convention in Boston as the designer of the best student-researched multimedia historical website, SLAVERY IN THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE, "in the world." His long sojourn as an artist is seasoned by the experiences of both the practice of art and the teaching of those principles to students. Greg believes that the eye is the beginning point in the search for truth, though he knows it provides only the skin of that truth. But what beautiful skin. Living on the edge of the Everglades has been an adventure in beauty, both in its natural form and when it interacts with civilization. You'll see that experience in his paintings and drawings.